The eternal winter

Our first Wholeshare delivery arrived at the end of last week. There was much excitement in this house! We had been holding out, waiting for things like peanut butter, apples, oranges, and sugar. Click here to join our group. The next order will be placed on March 31st with delivery scheduled for April 4th (coincidentally also the day we’ll be celebrating one of our daughter’s third birthday!!). I checked this morning and there are already some splits started – broccoli rabe, basil, rosemary, and celery – so definitely Puppies-109add yourself to a split if a whole order of those items (or others!) are overwhelming. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions about Wholeshare.

The puppies successfully moved to the barn – but their house-loving-momma isn’t so excited. Fortunately she’s really committed to her puppies and continues to care for them well. The puppies opened their eyes this week and they are softer than ever.

Puppies-101The snow has been terrific – inches feet of snow with lots of gusts leading to huge drifts – some drifts as high as our waists! It’s funny how the wind works, in some places the wind kindly plowed our driveway, in other places the drifts are impassable.

On the creamery front, our contact at the farm lending agency we’re using, has said she plans to have our application complete in the next week. Fingers crossed!

Snow or no, the ducks know that spring is coming and are ever-generous in their laying. Because of this, First-snow-storm-2012-3we’re able to package some up in the popular 9-packs we had last year. We still have some 1/2 dozen packages – but if you know you love duck eggs, feel free to pick up a nine-pack instead (or as well?).

Josh has plowed multiple times, so no worries coming up the driveway to collect your farm goodies!! See you soon!

ps this is a farmer’s market week! Josh will be at Plattsburgh’s Winter Farmer’s Market on Saturday from 10am-1pm with artisan bread, pork, chicken, eggs, duck eggs, and duck. The market is held the first and third Saturdays of the month and is located at 52 U.S. Oval. The market is usually in the community room, a small room tucked in the back left hand corner downstairs. Sometimes it gets moved within the building, but keep wandering around – you’ll find the farmers and all their yummy locally grown and raised offerings!

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