Portable milk pump and bucket milker for sale

After six years of gradually building up our small grass-fed milking herd, with the plans and equipment to establish a small creamery for cheesemaking, we are (with some sadness) throwing in the towel. We need to focus on our other projects and simply do not have enough time to get this off the ground, plus we’ve conceded that we really do not have enough pasture to ensure our herd would always have access to prime grazing for production and health. Accordingly, we are selling our milking stock and some dairying equipment.

This is a portable milk pump, bucket milker, and NuPulse milking claw set-up for sale. Rated to run this one cow bucket milker or two goat/sheep milkers. Included 8′ of new silicone tubing, plus spare parts and inflations for the claw milker, and an unused jetter cleaning assembly. Also have detergent and acid cleaners.

Milker-1 Milker-2 Milker-3

We’ve used this since 2012, milking between 2 and 8 cows per day. The pump has worked fine down temps in the teens in the barn in the winter, however, the NuPuls pulsator will not work below freezing, so either needs a heater blowing on it or a warmed something on top (e.g. sock of rice placed in the microwave…)

Priced at $1200 – but please note, we cannot sell this pump before all our cows are sold (listed here)
This set-up retails for $1,895 at Hamby Dairy, without the spare parts and cleaning unit ($350+)

For inquiries, use our contact form here or call Five One Eight – Two Nine Three – Five One Seven Four

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