Getting some cow love this winter

Shadow, our cow that birthed a stillborn calf last winter, and threw a premature calf this winter, is being milked twice a day to encourage her production. The other two cows are only milked in the morning, but ADITL-207Shadow is not only milked in the morning with the machine with the rest of the herd, but she’s also milked in the afternoon by hand. That milk is then given to the barn cats or the pigs or chicks. Shadow surprised me when we first started milking her by hand by licking me, enthusiastically. This would be fine if her tongue were not so strong or persistent. Crouching for 10 minutes or so, the time it takes to hand milk her, gives Shadow plenty of time to shower me with affection. Affection that is so enthusiastic that I’m nervous I’ll tip over. In these temps that hover between -10 and 20, the warm wet of cow kisses leads to an icey snowsuit. Just thankful that said snowsuit has proved to be waterproof so far.

The beef cows are doing well and growing big quick! It doesn’t feel like almost two years since Libby and DITL 11-216Chance were born (and the two additional beef cows are around the same age). But it’s true. They’ll be two in June! We’re considering having one USDA processed for those that don’t want to commit (or don’t have the freezer space) for a quarter of a cow. The USDA processed beef will be sold by the cut and will be processed at Locust Grove, where we have our pigs USDA processed. For those that do want a quarter of a beef cow, we’ll be figuring out pricing and deposit amounts soon!

We pulled out seeds this week and plan to start those early early crops soon. Like most years, we have very ambitious goals but animals take priority which means no promises on the gardens success.

The puppies continue to grow every day and are this close to their eyes opening! Josh set up a shelter for the puppies and Eden in the “horse” barn and we will be moving them to the barn in the next day or so.  Eden is leaving them more frequently and it’s interesting to watch her meet their needs while also attending her own.
If you’re interested in a puppy, please let us know. We plan to give priority to farms looking for a livestock guard dog. If you’d like more information about the Great Pyrenees breed, just shoot us an email! We love working with our Pyrs and are excited to add a few more to our group on the farm, providing protection to our poultry, primarily.

At the farm right now, you’ll find chicken and duck eggs. Remember that we sell chicken eggs by the dozen and duck eggs by the half dozen – so be sure to grab the right container. In the upright freezer next to the cooler there is USDA packaged pork – including bacon – but you might want to keep that a secret for yourself :) . There is also still chicken and duck available in the inner upright freezer.
Give the back door a knock if you need anything (not the red door – we can’t hear that one being knocked! Come right in to the mudroom, just don’t mind the mudroom’s ample shoe collection that seems to have grown every time I walk through!)

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