Cows grazingNestled in the hills of Saranac, New York, Woven Meadows is the pasture-based sustainable farm of the Vaillancourt and Jackson families.

We practice grass-based pasturing of our family cows; free-range organic-fed chickens, ducks, turkeys, and guinea fowl;  and organic-fed pastured pork, while continuing to expand with natural beekeeping and the chemical-free gardening and growing of vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers.

We have a holistic perspective, seeing both all aspects of the farm as interconnected as well as the farm as interrelated with the wider community and environment. Everything is “woven” together, you might say!

Throughout our farming activities, we strive for ecological and social sustainability, by nourishing individuals and families, fostering community, and being stewards to our land and livestock.

We love having visitors, and have products and subscription-style CSA programs available from the farm.  Contact us to visit our woven meadows.