recipe: Happy Butter

Separate cream from milk by allowing milk to stand in container overnight and then pouring off the cream or using a turkey baster or small scoop (if the container holding your milk has a wide enough neck) to pull out the cream.

Cream churns to butter better when it is aged a few days and when it is at room temperature. So it’s best at this point to let the cream rest refrigerated for up to four days, or whenever you have enough cream to churn.

On butter making day put the cream out on the counter to warm to room temperature. This will take several hours.

Once the cream is at room temperature pour the thick cream into a blender and blend. You’ll know the butter is done when you see grains of yellow butter forming and they start joining to make bigger and bigger piece of butter. At this point the noise the blender is making will change and your butter will be done. Pour the buttermilk and butter into a colander, reserving the buttermilk if you desire. You can then rinse and massage the ball of butter to work the last of the buttermilk out. Salt, if desired.

We then measure out 8oz portions, wrap, and freeze our butter for future use.

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