Woven Meadows pastured chickens are raised outside on pasture during the grazing months. After feathering out in the brooder in the barn (at about 3 to 4 weeks of age), we move the birds outdoors under portable shelters and within electronet fencing for protection. There, with fresh air and sunshine, the birds are free to exercise, to peck and scratch, nibbling on grass and catching the worm or grasshopper that comes their way, and enjoying their fresh water and certified-organic feed. We select a few types of robust, moderately-paced meat-type chickens to grow, such as the white feathered Rosambro or the barred Kosher King, while avoiding the superfast industry-standard Cornish Cross, which typically encounters health problems as it grows (putting on pounds faster than its body can handle).

Because of the varied diet, and especially because of the green forage the birds eat, pastured chickens are healthier than their conventional only-grain-fed counterparts. Meat from pastured animals tends to be lower in overall and saturated fat and cholesterol, while containing more Omega-3s, and more vitamins like A, E, and beta-carotene. And because pastured chickens actually exercised their muscles, and are raised a bit older, their meat tends to be denser and more flavorful, and better retains moisture while cooking.

When the birds are, typically, 8 to 10 weeks old, we process them here on the farm (under the USDA 1000-bird exemption). By not having to transport our chickens long distances, chickens are less stressed come time to slaughter, and by maintaining our own sanitary and humane conditions for processing, we believe we produce a clean, healthy, great-tasting chicken. Birds are packaged in shrink-bags and go into the freezer that day, for sale from the farm and at farmers’ markets.

Pastured Chicken Pricing:
Retail price for our pastured, organic-fed chicken is $5.00 per pound for whole birds (typically 4 to 6 pounds in weight), and $5.50 for half chickens; parts (legs, thighs, breasts, wings, stock parts, organ meats) are also available in limited supply.

Chickens are also available as Bulk Orders; purchase 10 birds (or 50 pounds of meat), and receive 50 cents off per pound ($4.50 for wholes, $4.75 for halves). Bulk pricing is the most economical option.

You can also Pre-order your chicken at the bulk order price (during the growing season, June through September), and when pre-ordered we can cut and package to your specifications (e.g. quartered, boneless breasts, etc., though you must still purchase the whole bird). If you’d like to big up your chickens fresh and unbagged/uncut on the day of processing, and take care of packaging yourself, you can receive a further discount as well. Bulk pre-orders also work well for big summer BBQs – give us advance notice, and we can raise some smaller halved chickens perfect for grilling.