Pastured Poultry

When it comes to raising poultry, we ask ourselves one fundamental question: How can we raise the healthiest eggs and meat in the most sustainable fashion?

Towards that end, all our egg-laying and meat birds spend their lives outdoors on pasture once they’re feathered out (3-4 weeks for chickens, about 6 weeks for turkeys). Outside, our birds can nibble on nutritious, vitamin-rich grass, legumes, and other forages, scratch around for seeds, worms, and grubs, and scout the area for any other protein-rich bugs and slugs they can find. Because most poultry can not live on grass alone and need some grain in their diet, we also offer certified organic feeds and home-grown grains. (Chickens can get about 20% of their food from grass, while turkeys and ducks can eat and digest more. Only geese can live and grow 100% on grass and forage.) And when the cold, snowy winter sets in, we house our laying hens on deep bedding with ample space to scratch about, and provide sprouted grains and vegetable scraps for winter greenery.

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