Pastured Pork

Woven Meadow’s pork comes from pigs raised outside, free to graze and/or root amidst woods, pastures, and garden beds. Along with the grass, roots, grubs, apples, and whatever else the pigs round up for themselves, we feed certified-organic grain, fresh water, whey and buttermilk from our home dairying, and garden and kitchen scraps. Pigs are moved from area to area within electric fencing, generally after they’ve done a thorough job rooting up the ground – tilling, fertilizing, and reclaiming overgrown land.

Pastured Pork at Woven MeadowsOur organic-fed pastured pork is sold in two ways: 1) by the whole or half pig (available starting December 2012), and 2) by the cut (available starting summer 2013).

Whole/half pigs are the most economical option, and allow you to enjoy all the different cuts of pork. Whole pigs are priced at $4.00 per pound hanging weight, and $4.50 per pound for halves. (Smaller roaster pigs are also priced at $4.50/lb). A 250 pound live pig will hang at about 170-185 pounds (half a pig is, well, half of that), and then when cut and packaged, the yield is 2/3 to 3/4 of that (depending on how much is boneless, trimmed, etc.). We deliver the animal to a local, custom butcher shop, and you provide to them your cutting instructions and payment (typically in the range of 50 to 60 cents per pound for cutting, plus extra for sausage making or curing/smoking of bacon and ham). While you can’t make bacon out of the whole pig  :(  :p  there is nonetheless a lot of flexibility, like being able to smoke everything or put everything into sausage if fresh, uncured pork isn’t your favorite thing. Haven’t purchased bulk pork before? Try a half-hog to start, or split a purchase with friends and family. View our pork cuts page for a breakdown of a pig into its many and various cuts and their uses.

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Pork by the cut allows you to purchase smaller amounts of pastured, organic meat in your favorite cuts, be it sausage links, sliced bacon, pork chops, or roasts. Price on retail packages varies by the cut and type. Because pigs for retail packaging must be delivered to and processed by a USDA-inspected facility, and stored and sold over a longer period of time, the price is higher than that of the custom-processed whole and half hogs above. But small packages do give you the freedom to purchase only your favorite cuts (like bacon and chops but nothing else? No problem!) or try new cuts before committing to a bulk order.