Dairy: Creamery List of Needs

Way way back in the beginning of the beginning with Woven Meadows our goal has been cheese (with some bacon and eggs thrown in for good measure!). This is the most complicated part of our farming goals as it involves … Continue reading

Merry Christmas from Woven Meadows

Hope you’re relaxing and enjoying those you love and cherish on this day where we’re thankful for our family, farm community (that’s you!), and our animals. We loved seeing our children’s lit up faces at stocking surprises on their beds … Continue reading

Recipe :: Rhubarb Chutney

Rhubarb season is here! One of our favorite rhubarb recipes is from on of our favorite preserving books, “Put ‘Em Up!” (side note: there are two other Put ‘Em Up! books coming out Put ‘em Up! Fruit in 2013 and … Continue reading