Merry Christmas from Woven Meadows

Hope you’re relaxing and enjoying those you love and cherish on this day where we’re thankful for our family, farm community (that’s you!), and our animals.

We loved seeing our children’s lit up faces at stocking surprises on their beds and presents tucked under the tree and then slipping out to the barn where cows warm breath made puffs of white appear and the chickens eagerly greeted us hopeful for scratch and the gilt snorted in greeting and the calves moo’ed heartily for a hay refill and the piglets who are growing quickly nibbled at our calves through our pants and anxiously sucked down whatever treats we had to offer. Then with our arms weighted with a little more than two gallons of fresh milk and at least a dozen eggs, we quickly washed the milk can before entering the warm and welcoming house. Then the debate of a yummy breakfast of eggnog french toast first or present opening first …

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